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3000 people gathered in the dusty square in Kliptown in 1955 to adopt the Freedom Charter which is now the basis of our Constitution.

The Walter Sisulu Square is situated in the heart of Kliptown, Soweto, the worlds most toured township, housing various cultural and heritage groups through a newly established “Ziyabila e Kliptown ” project by their Marketing Office, with showcases like visual arts, performing arts, sports, film screening etc.

The Walter Sisulu Square has an incredible history and the architecture reflects various elements of the area, politics and the people. It is full of symbolism and meaning and is surrounded by the actual people who were involved in making history, thus making the rest of Kliptown , an ” echo-museum”. It is one of the four “squares” in Johannesburg and offers both local and international visitors an array of history, shopping, entertainment and accommodation. The Square has since become a frequented place, and is ideal for corporate and social events, with the availability of their 3 levelled hall as well as the Holiday Inn just across from it.

Soweto Hotel on Freedom Square

Sowet Hotel owned by Freedom Square Hotel (Pty) Limited. Soweto Hotel is Soweto’s first international four-star hotel. The 48-room Holiday Inn at Walter Sisulu Square, Kliptown will make South African history in October 2007 when it opens its doors for business.

Built at a cost of R23.4-million, the hotel will add a new tourist offering to Soweto. Walter Sisulu Square is a mixed-use precinct initiated by the Johannesburg Property Company (JPC). The Kliptown project comprises the hotel, the recently opened Kliptown Museum, retail, restaurant and office space as well as an informal trading area.

The Hotel interiors are decorated in an avant-garde style by designer Lauren Beckwith and Fani Makanya from Black Moon Design Studio.

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